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CNA Certification Exam

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

These days, a huge interest is seen in the youth of the country regarding becoming nursing assistant (CNAs). For those who don’t know, the certified nursing assistants are the individuals who take care of the patients in the hospitals and clinics. They perform a range of tasks related to basic and hygienic care of the patients under the observation of registered nurse. To get certified as a nursing assistant, the candidate has to pass the CNA certification exam.

The competence exam known as the certification exam for CNA contains two parts as written test and performance test. The written test contains multiple choice questions covering about the necessary duties and responsibilities a certified nursing aide has to cover in the health care facility. The performance test is designed to cover the required practical skills by a cna resume.

The students are tested on various parameters such as basic nursing skills, infection and nutrition control, effective communication skills, social as well as restorative services and taking care of the patients’ everyday needs. On completion of nursing course, the CNA schools also provide practice questions to their students to help them in passing the exam successfully.

Therefore, the students pursuing certified nursing aide program should try very hard to clear the certification examination in the first go itself.

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