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CNA Duties or Nurse Aide Training Programs

Monday, May 17, 2010

Are you planning to join any long term care facility or nursing home then, you should understand your CNA duties , which you will have to execute while providing everyday care to the patients:

The Nurse Aide Programs qualifies the individual to work in the hospitals, long term care units, nursing homes and other health care services. After completion of Certified Nurse Aide programs, the nursing aide students are eligible to appear for the competency tests. Once they clear the test for the competency evaluation, CNA certificate is awarded and they can work in various health facilities under the supervision of Registered Nurse.

Nurse Aide Training Programs are offered in various training schools, technical institutes, adult education centers and private training schools. These training facilities must follow federal approved training programs based on the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1987.

Previously only handful of States needed training of nursing aides but after the passage of OBRA in 1987 due to intensive and specialize care needed for providing everyday care to patients, it has become compulsory for each States to establish state approved Certified Nurse Training programs.

A CNA must be very proficient and compassionate in providing everyday care to the patients. The skills learned during cna courses in georgia programs should be implemented during nursing of patients in long term units, hospitals, nursing homes and health care centers. The main duties of a CNA can be underlined as follows:

  • Taking vital signs
  • Help with some medical procedures
  • Assist patients entering or leaving their beds
  • Assist patients walking
  • Tidy patient's rooms

Natracil Acne Soap publishes studies showing Tea Tree Oil benefits

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Acne Vulgaris is a common problem in both teens and adults. There are many factors which cause acne, including stress, hormonal changes, heredity, pollutants, and harsh environmental conditions. But the main cause is by the natural secretion of Sebum.
  • Sebum clogs the pores creating the perfect environment for bacteria to proliferate. Which can irritate the pore wall and worsen the condition of acne in the skin.Studies worldwide have shown that Tea Tree Oil (TTO) to be just as effective with indications that there are less side effects to heal acne vulgaris. The studies that were conducted span several continents and include clinical research from Europe, India, and Australia.The active ingredient in TTO— terpinen-4-ol — is a known natural Anti-inflammatory agent with powerful natural antimicrobial properties. The studies indicate that Tea tree Oil accomplishes everything chemical treatments can without many of the side effects such as chemical treatments like Benzoyl Peroxide and other synthetic chemicals can destroy most of the healthy skin bacteria. It’s our first line of defense so any impact on that opens the door to continued infections. It appears that using natural essential oils in the treatment of acne can circumvent this. Natural antimicrobial essential oils like Tea tree Oil and Eucalyptus Oil work by creating an extremely hostile environment for offensive pathogens, making it hard for them to survive, but not so harsh as to kill off all the skin’s natural healthy bacteria. In sense, they work in tandem with the skin’s natural immunities to fight infection. By incorporating natural antimicrobial essential oils like Tea Tree Oils and Oils of Eucalyptus in a soap bar, companies like Natracil help you control the spread of skin infections on his team, avoid antibiotic resistance and minimize re-occurring outbreaks. The evidence showing the effectiveness of essential oils are widely known. The risks of using natural oils as a component of good hygiene are practically non-existent. For more information about Acne Soap, Soap for Acne, bestAcne Soap, Anit Acne Soap, Acne Skin Soap and Acne Treatment visit at Read More......

Crash dieting the best way to keep weight off?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

  • Forget long-term diets - the best way to lose weight and keep off the pounds is to do it quickly, scientists have found.
  • New research shows the key to achieving and maintaining a slim figure is to shed the weight rapidly, at a rate of one pound a week, reports The findings, however, contradict previous advice which suggested a slow but steady weight loss is the best way for a healthy weight-loss regime.
  • The new study has found that the greater the initial weight loss in obese patients, the larger the total loss in the longer term. However, nutrition experts still argue over whether fast or slow initial weight loss is the best approach for long-term weight control. In the latest research, a team from the University of Florida analysed the cases of 262 overweight women who had followed a six-month programme, encouraging them to cut their calorie intake and increase physical activity.
  • They split the women into three groups according to how much weight they lost in the first month of the trial. Women in the fast weight-loss group shed almost one pound per week, those in the moderate weight-loss group lost nearly half a pound in a week and those in the slow weight-loss group lost less than half a pound per week. The authors then looked at the women's weight loss after six months and 18 months, as well as any weight regain. They found there were long-term advantages to fast initial loss of weight.
  • The fast group lost more weight overall, maintained their weight loss for longer and were less likely to put the weight back on than the more gradual weight losers. Losing weight at a fast initial rate leads to greater short-term weight reductions, does not result in increased susceptibility to weight regain and is associated with larger weight losses and overall long-term success in weight management, the report said.

Universe knows beauty

THREE young, beautiful and ambitious Eastern Suburbs women will be vying for the chance to follow in the footsteps of former Miss Universe, Jennifer Hawkins.

  • On May 22, Bondi resident Rique Sharman, 22, Potts Point residents Rochelle Fox, 19, and Jesinta Campbell, 18, will strut their stuff at the NSW final of the Miss Universe Australia pageant.

  • The trio of beauties are among the 20 contestants from NSW in the running to progress to the national final on June 17.
    And while there’s no doubting the girls have a healthy rivalry, they were delighted that all three would compete for the coveted crown.

  • “The three of us are friends - we hang out together all the time so we’re pretty happy that we all made it through,” Miss Fox said.
    Miss Sharman moved to Bondi from Byron Bay about a month ago to pursue her career and study TV presenting at NIDA. She met Miss Campbell at a modelling gig and they have since become close friends.

  • “It’s been good to have a friend who’s in the industry and doing it for the same reasons,” said Miss Sharman, who has quickly settled in to her new Bondi home. “I love Bondi, too. I really feel at home here because it’s like Byron in many ways, just a little bit more ‘happening’,” she said.

  • Meanwhile, the success of Miss Hawkins in 2004 seems to have inspired many young woman to enter the Miss Universe pageant.
    Organisers of the Australian leg of the contest have been overwhelmed with the number of entries this year, with 800 applicants in NSW alone.
    Miss Sharman said the pageant was her “number one focus”.

  • “It’s what I’ve been working on for the last few years so I’m putting all my energy towards it . . . it’s a great platform for other things,” she said.

How cranberry juice prevents tooth decay and man-made muscle allows stroke patients to blink

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Smile! Cranberry juice, pictured, prevents bacteria from sticking to teeth, a study shows
In other highlights from health news this week, new benefits of cranberry juice and how a 'man-made' muscle can give back stroke patients the function of their unhealthy eye.

  • Drinking cranberry juice to prevent tooth decay
    Cranberry juice may protect against cavities by preventing bacteria from clinging to teeth.Drinking the juice is already known to help prevent and treat bladder problems, by stopping bacteria sticking to the bladder wall.Now these anti-bacterial properties are being tested in dental care.Our mouths are full of bacteria, which feed off the sugars in food. They then excrete acids that cause dental decay.Laboratory studies have shown that cranberry juice acts like Teflon, preventing the bacteria sticking to teeth.The American researchers also found compounds in the juice stopped bacteria building up and forming plaque, which is a cause of gum disease.They are now planning to isolate the compounds that provide the protection. It's hoped they could then be added to toothpaste or mouthwash directly.
  • 'Man-made' muscle that allows stroke patients to blink
    An artificial muscle could help stroke patients left with a paralysed eyelid.These patients are unable to blink with their damaged eye.Now scientists have engineered an artificial muscle to do the job.The silicon muscle is implanted into the eyelid, connected to a tiny power pack buried in the skull and wired up to the healthy eyelid on the side of the face unaffected by the stroke.When the device detects muscle movement in the good eyelid, it triggers the artificial muscle to contract at the same time.Blinking is vital for eye health; an inability to blink can cause problems such as dry eyes or corneal damage.Current treatments involve muscle and nerve transplants, but this is not suitable for all patients. It is hoped the new muscle will provide an alternative.

Green exercise boosts mental health

Sunday, May 9, 2010

  • Just a few minutes of exercise a day in a park can improve your mental health.

Green exercise is an activity in the presence of nature. It leads to positive short and long-term health outcomes. Many studies have shown that outdoor exercise can reduce the risk of mental illness and improve overall well-being. In an analysis to determine the dose of green exercise that is needed to improve mental health, researchers did a meta-analysis of 10 studies that studied the effect of different types of green exercise on a variety of populations. This multi-study analysis assessed the best regime of dose(s) of acute exposure to green exercise required to improve self-esteem and mood.

  • The research used meta-analysis methodology to analyze 10 UK studies involving 1252 participants of different ages, genders and studied their mental health status. The researchers analysed activities such as walking, gardening, cycling, fishing, boating, horse riding and farming along with assessing the participants’ exercise intensity and exposure duration.
    It was found that exercising in a green environment improved both self-esteem and mood of the participants. The presence of water generated greater effects. Both men and women had similar improvements in self-esteem after green exercise, though men showed a difference for mood. The greatest health changes occurred in the young and the mentally ill, although people of all ages and social groups benefited. The largest positive effect on self-esteem came from a five-minute dose of green exercise. All natural environments were found to be beneficial, including parks in towns or cities.
    The above findings confirm that the environment plays an important role in improving overall health of people.

Skin-Care Supplements Don’t Work; Dolce & Gabbana Debuts Summer Makeup Collection

Friday, May 7, 2010

  • Experts agree that skin-care supplement pills (of which Lady Gaga is reportedly a fan) do little to improve skin.
  • Amanda Seyfried graces the cover of InStyle’s special hair issue.
  • Model Lee Hye Jung rocks some seriously bleached hair in this Vogue Korea editorial.
  • Dolce & Gabbana’s summer makeup collection will debut at Saks next week. The line consists of “daring shades of romance and mystery” according to Dolce, and from what we can see that means nude and pink pigments paired with darker greens and blues.
  • Michelle Trachtenberg lightened up the traditional smoky eye by painting her lids in layered shades of beige and taupe. Do you like the look?
  • • The Aramis and Designer Fragrances division of Estée Lauder has developed an iPod app that helps customers find new favorite scents by answering a series of questions based on the principles of aromachology, psychographics, and kinesthetics.

Beauty News Flash: Good as Gold

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It may be fairly controversial but we’ve decided that we love M.I.A’s look at the Met Ball on Monday night. Edgy, daring and quite fabulously ‘out there’, we much admire her constant devotion to the statement nail, in this case gold overlays, and those gold rings that remind us of very upmarket versions of the Chinese finger traps that we had when we were little. Her general all over gilded-ness, meanwhile, make us want to roll around naked in liquid gold, or something. Oh, and she carries off the orange lip with aplomb too. 10 out of 10 M.I.A, we are loving your work.

Elizabeth Hurley

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

We haven't seen Elizabeth Hurley on the big screen lately -- aside from those TV reruns of Austin Powers, of course -- and maybe it's because she's been busy designing bathing suits! The actress opened her first store, Elizabeth Hurley Beach, in Spain today and had lots of scantily clad help for the big ribbon-cutting ceremony. A little bikini goes a long way for events like this.

7 beauty secrets you must know!

We all have read thousands of beauty tips and tried hundreds of beauty products. Mind you, only few are worth following. We share some useful beauty tricks!
  • Secret 1
  • Drink water: Thinking it's no secret? Well, forget about the eight glass rule. Make sure you drink just enough that you don't feel thirsty. Says freelancer Prachi, "My skin gets all flaky and dry if I am not well hydrated."
  • Secret 2
  • Sunscreen is a must: Sunscreen is a guarantee for youthful skin. UV rays is the most common source of skin cancer and ageing. Be it rains or sunshine, make sure your skin is nicely smothered with sunscreen- and you know the rule- apply it 15 minutes prior to walking out so the body absorbs it properly.
  • Secret 3
  • Moisturizer: Make sure you have a moisturizing body lotion that includes a self-tanner. It helps you hide spider veins on your legs and give a slimming effect all over.
  • Secret 4
  • Hands and neck are important too: Treat your hands and neck like your face. Wash, cleanse and moisturizer. Apply suitable creams and rub it nicely on your neck and hands to make sure they glow as much as your facial skin.
  • Secret 5
  • Exercise! If you want glow on your face, facials are not the only option. Workouts help improve blood circulation and oxygen capacity. So hit the treadmill and enjoy the healthy glow!
  • Secret 6
  • Eat right: Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Stress a lot on vitamin A, C and E and they help deal with skin issues. Applying antioxidants on the skin also help...
  • Secret 7
  • Feel good: Do things that make you feel great about yourself. If you look happy you will automatically feel the glow. So smile and stay cheerful!