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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Google Us: Gallic Wars Mixtapes
About Gallic Wars
Gallic Wars is an entertainment company. It is in our best interest to provide you with quality music, top notch talent from all over the world. We are an efficient operation which specialize in the promotion of aspiring producers, music artists and all those who wish to advertise any product or business. As an elite enterprise, we have the capability to submit your material to Music Labels, Radio Stations, Magazines, Management Companies, Marketing Companies, Street Teams and the list goes on. We also do graphic artwork & website design. If you are a music artist or producer and looking for an appearance on one of our mixtapes or seeking management or marketing/promotion feel free to contact us. Gallic Wars is more than just an entertainment company. We exist not only to provide music to the world. Our true purpose is to inspire others and to help those who wish to utilize their God given talents to their maximum potential. We exist to show the recording artist, to show the singer, to show the producer, to show the model that s/he can make it in this world with belief, faith and perseverance. That is why we are separate from most companies, dj’s, movements, entities etc. We stand for the individual who at the end of the day can not measure their success and must secure ambition everyday to continue to strive towards their goals. We stand for hope, opportunity & progression. If you understand the thought of creating a vision, making progressive steps to achieve each set goal, maintaining a drive, staying grounded in your principles, then you have discovered the purpose of living. Why can’t you acquire what you are working so hard for? Why can’t you have what your so passionate about? The only person who dictates your future is you. Believe in yourself & take what belongs to you. It is not by chance I am called Caesar. Never in my life I claimed to be something I wasn’t. I was never told I will amount to nothing or discouraged when I had an idea or belief. Everyone who came in contact with me believed in me. That is why I will be successful. That is why I have been chosen to lead”. - Caesar, C.E.O & President of Gallic Wars


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