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Bebo gets Cheesy

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Now everybody can have a bite of Bebo, because an international pizza chain has recently introduced a brand new pizza in their menu that his inspired by size zero Kareena and is ironically called Size Zero Pizza.
Kareena who is a fan of pizza herself says, “I love Italian food,I must eat pizza at least twice a week; and yes, I’m flattered that a pizza has been named after me.’’
However on the name of the pizza being Size Zero she says,“Honestly speaking, I’m no longer a size zero. I’m slightly rounded because I need to be that way for my role in Karan Johar’s Hindi version of Step Mom.”
Talking about cheese, Bebo adds, “It’s a misconception that cheese is unhealthy.My dietician has put me on a cheese diet for the longest time. Cheese has the right fat percentage required for the body and if eaten right, it can be advantageous rather than detrimental.’’
The Size Zero pizza has a thin crust,some really healthy veggie toppings and low-fat cheese.
Folks make sure you take a bite of cheesy Bebo.
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