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Meera accuses Indian director Faisal Saif of molestation

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

She might not have a single release to her credit, but Pakistani actress Meera continues to hit stalls.

The actress claimed that an Indian director Faisal Saif has paid money to Attidur Rehman to pretend to be her husband.

The actress accuses that director Faisal Saif is trying to destroy her career and also threatened her.

Talking to media, Meera said, “Faisal is the mastermind behind this. I did a film for him in India called Murder at Farmhouse. I have the tapes as proof. Now he has an agent in Pakistan to trouble me and it is this man who is claiming to be my husband.”

On the other hand, Rehman said he did not know any Indian film-maker Faisal Saif.

He added that Meera is making stories just to hide the truth of her marriage with him.


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