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Beauty News Flash: Whoda Thought It?

Friday, April 23, 2010

Woweee we can’t deny that when we heard that independent nail guru Essie Weingarten had sold her empire to L’Oreal we were knocked for six. We never thought we’d see the day! Our money's on cosmetics being added to the brand’s line-up as well as an expansion of international presence and only hope that the brand will stay true to their fabulous standards! Weigarten says we have nothing to worry about; "I am staying on and very committed. My baby was starting to grow so fast and we just saw it going to new heights and we needed the right partner. We saw that only one company could do cosmetics to perfection and that's L'Oréal. I am giving them my diamond in the raw and I know they will polish it and take it to the moon," said Weingarten. Exciting stuff!


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