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Natracil Acne Soap publishes studies showing Tea Tree Oil benefits

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Acne Vulgaris is a common problem in both teens and adults. There are many factors which cause acne, including stress, hormonal changes, heredity, pollutants, and harsh environmental conditions. But the main cause is by the natural secretion of Sebum.
  • Sebum clogs the pores creating the perfect environment for bacteria to proliferate. Which can irritate the pore wall and worsen the condition of acne in the skin.Studies worldwide have shown that Tea Tree Oil (TTO) to be just as effective with indications that there are less side effects to heal acne vulgaris. The studies that were conducted span several continents and include clinical research from Europe, India, and Australia.The active ingredient in TTO— terpinen-4-ol — is a known natural Anti-inflammatory agent with powerful natural antimicrobial properties. The studies indicate that Tea tree Oil accomplishes everything chemical treatments can without many of the side effects such as chemical treatments like Benzoyl Peroxide and other synthetic chemicals can destroy most of the healthy skin bacteria. It’s our first line of defense so any impact on that opens the door to continued infections. It appears that using natural essential oils in the treatment of acne can circumvent this. Natural antimicrobial essential oils like Tea tree Oil and Eucalyptus Oil work by creating an extremely hostile environment for offensive pathogens, making it hard for them to survive, but not so harsh as to kill off all the skin’s natural healthy bacteria. In sense, they work in tandem with the skin’s natural immunities to fight infection. By incorporating natural antimicrobial essential oils like Tea Tree Oils and Oils of Eucalyptus in a soap bar, companies like Natracil help you control the spread of skin infections on his team, avoid antibiotic resistance and minimize re-occurring outbreaks. The evidence showing the effectiveness of essential oils are widely known. The risks of using natural oils as a component of good hygiene are practically non-existent. For more information about Acne Soap, Soap for Acne, bestAcne Soap, Anit Acne Soap, Acne Skin Soap and Acne Treatment visit at Read More......


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