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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

There has been a boom in recent years in the natural health and alternative health markets. People are becoming more concerned about what they put in their body, and are becoming distrustful of ‘big pharma’. In an effort to keep everything they put in their bodies, natural, many people are turning to natural health shops to get their day-to-day remedies (not even natural health professionals would advocate replacing conventional western medicine with herbal supplements for serious conditions).

  • It’s easy to see why. The wide range of health benefits that can be obtained by taking natural health products are certainly impressive, in particular the products that manage to offer an array of benefits in themselves, products such as oregano oil, apple cider vinegar and colloidal silver.
  • All of these products are completely natural and provide an array of benefits. Oregano oil is primarily used for digestive health in promoting healthy gut flora, which in turn can lead to better overall health, and is known to be good at fighting yeast overgrowth. Apple cider vinegar has been variously prescribed for colds/flus, allergies, fatigue, diabetes and many more going all the way back to Hippocrates himself. Colloidal silver was the precursor to modern antibiotics, and is known to be a powerful anti-septic.
  • The interesting thing to note of course is that people who tend to buy apple cider vinegar or oregano oil, will be the same people who buy colloidal silver .That is to say, natural health products haven’t become mainstream enough to appeal to people who still regard conventional medicine as their primary means of fighting ailments. Natural health products appeal to people who like natural products generally or are left-of-centre in their views of pharmaceuticals.
  • This isn’t a problem so to speak, it is just interesting to note that products like apple cider vinegar, oregano oil and colloidal silver remain a niche concern, despite growing mainstream support for the ideas that motivate the people who do buy them to buy them.

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