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Know About Radiology Assistant Career Details

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Radiology assistants (RAs) are trained and experienced radiographers, who work under the guidance of licensed radiologist and provide diagnostic imaging which makes them an imaging expert. They basically assist the radiologist, while performing radiology and are highly in demand in medical imaging services.

Job responsibilities:

The RAs apart from assisting the radiology performs the following functions:

• Deal directly with the patient, which includes talking with the patients and preparing them for the test.
• Some patients who experience nervousness before the test are dealt and reassured by the RA.
• Makes sure that each patient is receiving optimal care
• Evaluates image quality and makes initial image observations and passes his/her opinions to the radiologist but are not allowed to draft an official written interpretations.
• They cannot perform selected radiology procedures without the supervision of radiologist.

Key Functions:

• Operating the radio-graphic machine, producing images.
• Positioning the patient on the examination table.
• Adjusting devices to obtain the full view of specific body areas.
• Positioning of the equipment.
• Operating mobile x-ray equipment in case of emergency to obtain images

Ways to become a RA:

Individuals aspiring to become a certified radiology assistant must fulfill the following requirements:
• Become a certified radiographer or radio technician, which is necessary for most of radiology assistant programs.
• Pass the state exam and become licensed.
• Complete the radiology assistant program which is of two years.
• Should spend minimum amount of training hours in clinical environment.


RAs are required to have a bachelor's degree in radiological science or other health related fields of study. A CRA educational program is mandatory for these, who aspire to become a Radiologist assistant. The coursework in subjects like physics, pharmacology, statistics, patient assessment, radiological biology, radiological procedure and safety, as well as research methods are essential for the training programs.


The average earning of a RA ranges between $95,000 to $102,000. Some can even have annual earnings over $112,000.

Job Outlook:

RAs job stands out as a very promising career choice for these individuals, who are willing to make a career choice in the medical technician field. Once their training is completed, the radiology assistant can find positions in many radioogy offices, where they can optimally utilize the skills and knowledge they have acquired and increase it under the guidance of a trained radiologist.

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